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What's Included : One-Push Airtight Rectangle Food Storage Container (w/ Spoon & Scraper)

                                💥 Except for mini storage container **DOES NOT INCLUDE SPOON & SCRAPER** 💥


▪ Container's Lid: ABS (Recommended Temperature: -20°C ~70°C)

▪ Container's Body: AS (Recommended Temperature: -20°C ~80°C)

▪ Airtight Silicone Ring: Silicone (Recommended Temperature: -20°C ~200°C)

*Note: The scraper can be removed if you wish to keep more formula in the container

💙 Mini ( ❌ SPOON & SCRAPER )

Size: 86mm x 74m x 96mm

Capacity (ml): 320ml

💜 Small

Size: 175mm x 121m x 109mm

Capacity (ml): 1000ml

Capacity (g) with scraper: 300g Formula

Capacity (g) without scraper*: 400g Formula

💛 Medium

Size: 175mm x 121m x 159mm

Capacity (ml): 1700ml

Capacity (g) with scraper: 630g Formula

Capacity (g) without scraper*: 730g Formula

💚 Big

Size: 175mm x 121m x 209mm

Capacity (ml): 2300ml

Capacity (g) with scraper: 900g Formula

Capacity (g) without scraper*: 1000g Formula


• Easily Stackable : 

Keep your kitchen tidy and organised at all time with the Autumnz One-Push Airtight Food Storage Container. Stackable to take full advantage of vertical space of your cabinet and pantry.  

• 100% Airtight : 

Keep your food fresh with the One Push Airtight Button (One Handed Efficiency). Just push the middle button in the lid to operate the airtight seal. 

• Easily Open and Close : 

You can easily open and close the container by pressing the button, which saves you time and energy. One-handed operation, convenient and fast. There is also a silicone hook at the bottom of the lid, which can hang the lid on the container and is not easy to fall. 

• 100% Leakproof : 

The airtight container body fits tightly with the lid and does not leak water when placed upside down. You can rest assured to use it to hold any food with water and dry food.

• Multipurpose Usage : 

Great for storing milk formula cereal, sugar, salt, herbs, spices, biscuits, pasta, flour, rice, snacks, coffee, oats and etc.

• Clear and Transparent : 

The clear design makes it easy to identify contents without opening the lids.

• Easy To Wash : 

The lid of the container is removable for easy cleaning with warm water. Just twist to unlock and lock after washing. 

• FREE Spoon and Scraper :  

Comes with a convenient 5g formula spoon and a scraper function that enables more accurate measurement of formula milk.

• BPA free

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