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  • The Physio Soother helps the baby’s mouth and tongue action to develop properly and satisfies their natural sucking instinct.
  • Soft silicone
  • Hollow space for the tongue distributes the pressure on the palate correctly
  • The teething ring placed on the narrow end of the teat it gives relief to baby’s gums during the delicate phase when the child loses its milk teeth.


All PhysioForma pacifiers are designed to help position baby’s tongue forward to maintain an open airway. This exclusive nipple design was developed, tested, and approved in partnership with an advisory panel of leading neonatologists, pediatricians, and orthodontists.


For baby’s oral development, the orthodontic nipple guides tongue placement to evenly distribute pressure across the palate. The narrow base allows for optimal lip closure, supporting proper development of the palate and teeth.


For baby’s comfort, the nipple is an extra-soft silicone with a satin-textured finish to help keep the paci in baby’s mouth for uninterrupted soothing. The soft shield of this paci is comfortable and breathable. Ventilation holes promote air circulation, helping to reduce moisture buildup on baby’s soft, sensitive skin. The soft handle of this one-piece construction pacifier is big enough for baby to grab and easy to attach to a cute paci holder.


Available in three sizes: 0-6m, 6-16m, and 16-36m.

  • Actively supports baby’s breathing
  • Clinically developed, tested, and approved in partnership with an advisory panel of leading neonatologists, pediatricians, and orthodontists
  • Extra-soft, satin-textured silicone nipple for more comfort and less slip
  • Ventilation holes for air circulation help prevent the gathering of saliva
  • Lateral curve of the nipple evenly distributes the tongue’s pressure against the palate
  • Tiny ridges and inclined nipple shape guide proper tongue placement
  • Supports development of palate and teeth
  • Narrow base for extra flexibility and optimal lip closure
  • One piece construction with easy hold handle
  • BPA Free
  • Made in Italy

**No cover/case included

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