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Product Details

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Certified Organic Healthy Treats. No Sugar Added.

For 6 months old and above

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice RUSK series in 6 flavors.

The healthy daily treats that will delight your child’s taste buds yet packed full of nutritional goodness! 

  • Organic, HACCP and multi-ISO certified
  • Certified HALAL by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).
  • Uses only chemical free grains grown without using chemical pesticides.
  • Non oil fried – made only with heat and pressure, thus no oil and low in calories.
  • Additives free (No artificial flavoring, coloring, artificial sweetener and preservatives)
  • Gluten Free and non-GMO ingredients
  • Expert and know-how design with best gripping size, yet crunchy and melts in your mouth easily.
  • Conveniently packed with resealable zip lock bag.
  • Perfect size to bring along as shopping, dining or traveling snacks.

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DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Original


Organic rice flour (Korea), Seaweed Calcium.

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Sweet Pumpkin


Organic rice flour (Korea), Sweet pumpkin powder (Korea).

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Sweet Potato


Organic rice flour (Korea), Organic sweet purple potato powder (Korea).

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Spinach


Organic rice flour (Korea), Organic spinach powder (Korea).

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Apple


Organic rice flour (Korea), Apple powder (Korea).

DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Rusk - Banana


Organic rice flour (Korea), Banana powder (Korea).

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, keep in cool dry place. Even within expiry date, once opened, please consume as soon as possible.

This snack is free of sugar, egg, milk, peanut, and buckwheat. However it is manufactured in the same facilities which produce products that may contain milk, soybean, wheat, peanuts, and walnuts.

This healthy baby snack comes in 6 tantalizing flavors; Original, Sweet Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Apple & Banana -

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There’s a reason why children constantly call out for “DDODDOMAM”, which means “Again Mommy!” in Korean, making it the rice snack your child would want more!

DDM front image.jpg

While children want DDODDOMAM, parents provide with peace of mind. And here’s why! The rice used to make DDODDOMAM snacks are pesticide-free, high-quality and freshly harvested from the fields of YangPyeong Gun, Korea’s designated environmental-friendly agriculture zone. 

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A little extra facts about DDODDOMAM:

  • Non-fried
  • No artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives
  • Crunchy yet melts in the mouth
  • Suitable for young and old
  • Winner of Best Organic Rice Snack for Baby

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