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MommyJ Food Powder comes to solve by lending healthy natural taste with wide range of precious nutrients into little ones meal.

✔ SGS Lab Tested

✔ KKM Certified

✔ Made with Dehydration Technology

✔ 100% Pure Ingredient

✔ No Added Salt

✔ No Added Sugar

✔ No Preservatives

✔ Best and safe healthy baby food preparation

✔ Trusted home brand with quality assurance

✔ Facilities made in practice with GMP

✔ No Artificial Flavouring

✔ No Colouring

✔ Antibiotics Residue Free

✔ Chemical Growth Promoter Free

Mommy J Powder 40g - Extra Fine Anchovy

Features and Benefits

  • Premium quality anchovy without head & guts being used with edible bone are blended in finely and to be consumed for greater source of Calcium
  • Anchovy is one of the top food for kid with many health benefits including helping to build strong bones
  • Anchovy taste stronger compare to Whitebait, preferably for stronger taste bud
  • Net weight: 40gm

Mommy J Powder 20g - Extra Fine Mushroom

Features and Benefits

  • Organic Shiitake Mushroom is good for protecting our little ones against diseases and inflections (reduce inflammation)
  • It also known to moderate cholesterol levels, rejuvenate red blood cells, and it contains all eight essential amino acids
  • Enjoy the smoky yet earthy organic mushroom powder which is low on calories and high in fiber
  • Net weight: 20gm

Mommy J Powder 20g - Extra Fine Scallop 

Features and Benefits

  • Scallops are nutrient-dense, good source of protein, Vitamins B6, E and almost no fats
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids helps in baby's brain & eyes development
  • Scallops are prove to be a heart-friendly food as they lower triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of blood clots
  • It has delicately mild sweet flavor
  • Net weight: 20gm

Mommy J Powder 40g - Extra Fine Whitebait

Features and Benefits

  • Whitebait known as baby anchovy
  • It is rich in minerals especially DHA (Omega-3) with its critical fatty acids for baby brain development
  • It also high in protein, calcium and iron which are good for our little ones
  • Whitebait is softer in texture, highly recommended for younger ones
  • Net weight: 40gm

Mommy J Powder 40g - Extra Fine Seaweed

Features and Benefits

  • Natural Seaweed helps to strengthen bones and teeth with its high Calcium value
  • Rich source of Vitamin K which helps formation of blood clots
  • Packed with Iodine which is essential for maintaining a healthy thyroid
  • Great for sprinkled on top of cooked rice, porridge, vegetables, and fish, to enhance savory taste
  • Net weight: 40gm

What's in the box

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Care instructions:

Store in cool dry place, do not freeze powder and avoid excessive heat.Once opened, best consumed within 90 days for its best quality.

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