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    • Liquid Type High Concentration
    • Fragrance and Pigment Free
    • Grade 1 Safe Detergent for washing fruits and vegetables
    • Refreshing Green Tea extract that is excellent for removing grease
    • EWG Verified Green Base Ingredients
    • Naturally derived cleaning ingredients
    • Irritation test by COREDERM completed




    Grade 1 safe detergentthat can wash evenfruits and vegetables

    A safe detergent for washing even fruits and vegetables underthe standards made by the Ministry of Health and Welfare ofKorea is classified as a grade 1 detergent. When you areworried about detergent residue that may be left on dishesafter dish washing, it is safe to use a grade 1 dish washingdetergent.


    MOTHER-K DIA Baby Dish Washing Liquid is made of naturally derived materials tomake you feel safe and relieved is a grade 1 detergent that can wash fruitsand vegetables as well as dishes.


    Refreshing with green tea extract that is excellent forremoving grease


    Surfactant derived from nature

    Using a corn and sugarcane-based surfactant, you cansafely clean the dishes that your baby uses everday


    Organic green tea extract grown in a pristineJeju

    Green tea is known to be effective in removing grease.Clean the oil off from baby dishes withJejuorganic green tea extract.


    Moisturizing ingredients contained

    To keep the hands of mother and father who wash dishes safe, wehave included moisturizing ingredients.


    Hypoallergenic test completed

    Thanks to the irritation test completed as part of the skin clinicaltests, you can use it safely even with sensitive skin.


    Extract ingredient

    Scutellaria baicalensis root, Ricebran, Centella, Glycerol


    Why you have to use Mother-KDIA Cleaner lineup


    1. A mother's mind thinking about ingredients

    Naturally-derived ingredients and EWG verified green base ingredientsFree of hazardous materials


    2. A mother's mind thinking about skin

    Skin irritation test completed by COREDERMClinical Trials Center


    3. Mom's mind for clean dishwashing

    Natural-derived surfactant of corn and sugarcane. Grade 1 safe detergent with 100% organic ingredients for washing vegetables. Fragrance and pigment-free



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