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.Attach the penguin-shaped patch to underwear, cribs, strollers, backpacks, furniture, etc.

Close to the children's activity area, it can form a long-term anti-mosquito protection area with a diameter of 1 cubic meter

, effectively prevent mosquitoes from approaching, can be used at home and outdoors.

.Using pure natural lemongrass extract and anti-mosquito elements, the formula is mild and does not contain DEET.

.High-density non-woven material, using 3M patented adhesive, good stickiness, not easy to fall off.

.It is packaged in a clip-on aluminum bag, and the unused patch is sealed on a clip-on chain for easy storage and portability.

.Indoor aging: about 24-36 hours

.Outdoor aging: about 4-12 hours Notes:

1. Since everyone's skin type is different, please do not apply the patch directly to the skin.

2. Please use the chain bag as soon as possible after unpacking, contact with air will reduce the effect.

3. Outdoor use will increase or decrease the effect of the product due to environmental differences.

4. Please keep out of the reach of children and use with adults.

5. Please avoid children's ingestion. If you accidentally come into contact with your mouth, eyes, etc., please rinse with clean water as soon as possible.

If you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

6. Please tear off the patch immediately after use to avoid adhesive residue on the item.

7. If the adhesive is not easy to remove, it can be removed with ice cubes.

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