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Q BABY MARKET New Zealand Manuka Honey Pops

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Q Baby Market 🇳🇿 New Zealand MANUKA HONEY (MGO263+) POPS ❤️FUN ❤️SOOTHING RELIEF
A practical, fun, and delicious way to soothe a sore throat... it is a lollipops🐝
Honey has been used since ancient times to treat multiple conditions. It is always at the top list of grandma's natural cough & throat "home remedy".
Made with 🇳🇿New Zealand Manuka Honey with the addition of Vitamin C that helps boost immunity, it can effectively relieve the discomfort of sore, dry, and itchy throat and other discomforts caused by cold, moisten the throat and achieve cough.

❤️Happy children can try out Q baby market MANUKA HONEY POPS as a home remedy to soothe coughing symptoms. This yummy lollipop contains MANUKA HONEY MGO 263+ with natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

❤️Individually-wrapped lollipops are perfect for the young: mess-free and ensure freshness, the perfect on-the-go sweet treat. Q Baby Market MANUKA HONEY POPS is a delicious way to soothe a fiery throat & calm a cranky sick child.

❤️Are you planning to have a long road trip with your child? Bring along this lollipop to help soothe nausea & difficulty in the car or aeroplane.

🐝Q BABY MARKET MANUKA HONEY POPS - Specially formulated for little ones
• No added sugar
• No added fructose corn syrup
• No added Maltodextrin
• No gluten
• No synthetic colour or favour
• No preservative
• Non-GMO ingredients

🐝Happy childhood sweet memory
• New Zealand Formulated Sugar-Free Lollipops
• Direct Import From New Zealand🇳🇿
• Manuka honey MGO 263+
• Antibacterial Activity
• Vitamin C Boosted with Vitamin C
• Worry-Free Cavities: Happy Tooth
• Yummy, Healthy, Sweet Treat For Child
• Sweet Childhood Memories

🐝SUAGRLESS lollipops!?
• Product Developed With New Zealand Team
• Isomalt: A Healthier Lifestyle And Diet
• Contain Fewer Calories Than Sugar, Low GI
• It does Not Promote Tooth Decay
• Natural Sugar Replacer
• Isomalt Has GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Status By FDA

🐝Maltitol: unveil the truth
• Maltitol is A Type of Polyol: Recognized By The Sweetness Receptors On the Tongue.
• Small or No Effect on Blood Sugar Levels, No Trigger Insulin, No Increase in Triglyceride Levels
• Does Not Contribute To Tooth Decay
• It may Promote The Growth Of Beneficial Bacteria

🐝Q Baby Market Understand A Mom’s Need
• Temporarily Relieve Coughs
• Comfort & Relief For Dry Throat
• Effective Way To Ease Nausea From Motion Sickness
• Playdate, Party
• Healthy Snack
•No worry,be happy Suitable for family

❤️👶🏻Q baby market care for the little ones always
• Suitable Serving Size
• Individually-Wrapped: Mess-Free & Perfect On-The-Go Sweet Treat
• Lollipop Sticks Are Made Of Food-Grade Paper: Environmentally Friendly, Safe To Use, Non-Toxic, and Harmless To Health.
• The Lollipop Sticks Are Smooth, High Strength, and Remain in Perfect Shape Till The End

❤️Try Q Baby Market MANUKA HONEY POPS🐝🐝🐝

❤️It was made with natural MANUKA HONEY, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no gluten, and no artificial colours. These unique formulated no-sugar Manuka Honey lollipops can help soothe the throat and be an effective cough suppressant. And you do not need to worry about cavities; with a unique sugarless formulation, no plaque will build up on teeth. For children three years old and above, allow one pop to dissolve slowly in the mouth; consult a doctor if children under three years old.
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