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Q Baby Organic Germ Rice

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️3in 1 Complete Nutrients:Germ/Endosperm/Rice Bran

  • ️Adhere to the preservation of complete germ rice nutrition, especially make the best taste formula & nutrients for baby
  • 100% No addition
  • ️GMO Free
  • ️Two Types Of Germ Rice Nutrition :Organic Germ Rice & Organic Black Germ Rice
  • ️ The heavy metal test is below 10, which is very safety suitable for babies

️Per Pack 600gm
️Origin Imported From Taiwan

Organic Germ Rice Benefits:
-High in Fiber
-Vatamin E
-Vatamin B1
-High Protien
-Calcium,Iron,Zinc etc

Organic Black Germ Rice Benefit:
-Rich in antioxidants as the rice contain anthocyanin
-High in fiber
-Multiple amino acids

️【Rice Bran dissolves easily while cooking, making it easier for your little one to digest and absorb the rice nutrients】


Organic Baby Multi Germ Grain (Super Food) - 12m+

Contains 6 types of Superfood-Germ Grain complete nutrition:

  • 3 types of Baby germ rice
  • Amaranth grain
  • Red Quinoa
  • White Quinoa 

The multi grain not only providing the enough energy but also combine the nutrients from all the 3 types of germ rice as well as enriched with the right amount of dietary fiber which can avoid from bloating.


Organic Baby Pearl Germ Rice (Super Food) - 6m+

Will Baby germ rice cause tummy bloated?

Normal germ rice contains higher rice bran which can cause digestive burden to babies and elderly. Due to this, Q Baby Market invented precise polishing technology to remove the rice husk and left not less than 15% the bran layer to produce BABY PEARL GERM RICE.


Benefits from Q baby market Pearl Germ Rice:

With the right ratio of remaining of the rice bran, Q Baby Market Baby Germ rice is sufficient to provide plenty of nutrients for baby. Being the most nutritious parts of the grain, germ are rich in vitamin B, unsaturated fatty acids, phytol, dietary fiber, minerals and more. GERM is Small but mighty!

  • Booster of immune system
  • Gentle on digestive system
  • Complete Nutrients from100% whole grain Baby Pearl Germ Rice: Germ/Endosperm/Rice Bran
  • Goodness from the GERM & the best taste for baby
  • Gluten free
  • GMO Free
  • Super SAFE: The heavy metal test is much below MOH requirement
  • Per Pack 600gm
  • Direct Import From Taiwan
  • 100% No addition, No bleaching, No chemical
  • Using a special grinding technology to removes the rice bran skin that is difficult to digest, and retains 15% of the nutritious rice bran, so there is no need worry about the flatulence of after baby consume it.
  • Suitable 6month above baby & all age

Organic Pearl Germ Rice Benefits:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B1
  • Antioxidants
  • High Protien
  • Mineral
  • Calcium,Iron,Zinc etc

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