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Q Baby Premuim Organic Brown Rice Baby Cereal (Mix Vege)

RM 36.90
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Premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Mix Vege Baby Cereal (Halal)

🌾Sprouted Brown Rice, also known as Germinated Brown Rice or GABA rice, is easy to digest and contains various bioactive nutrients. The soft texture of sprouted brown rice makes our baby meal smooth and creamy.
❤️Beetroots are good source of dietary fiber which aids in digestion. Also called beetroot red, betanin most common pigment in beetroots, responsible for their strong red color. It is believed to have various health benefits.
🌿Amaranth leaves are a good source of iron and essential vitamins and minerals。They are easy to digest which helps prevent constipation.
🍠Sweet Potatoes are good source of dietary and have anti-inflammatory properties.These root vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Specially design for 6month above Infant formula:
👉🏻Vitamin A,B3,B1
👉🏻 Zinc

❤️Gluten Free
❤️No Milk, Egg&Nuts
❤️Vegan Friendly
❤️No Artificial Colours
❤️No Trans Fat
❤️No Artificial Flavoring
❤️No Preservatives
❤️No Salt&Sugar Added
Made 100% organic vege & fruit ✅

Meets lower Malaysian baby food regulation arsenic standard✅

Design with individual pack
❤️Safety & hygiene
❤️Fresh to serve
❤️Easy for Traveling use

EU Organic✅
GMP Certification✅
HACCP Certification✅
ISO Certification✅

👶🏻Non 'heaty' Processed at low temperature to retain maximum goodness and nutrients of natural ingredients.
👅The special process make sprouted brown rice baby cereal powder more finer and easier to dissolve and easily digest and absorb with complete nutrition.

🥣Pour 100-150ml warm water, breastmilk or formula milk with a pack 20gm of Sprouted Brown Rice Baby Cereal into bowl can make a heather cereal meal.

🍞🥖🥐🥞🧇🧈Idea for Baking To provide better source for babies&kids, add two sp0ons of cereal powder into the batter / mixture (of pancake or bread).

🍲Idea for Healthier Meals Add 1-2 spoons of sprouted brown rice baby cereal powder into oat porridge to get good source of nutrients for babies & kids.

20g individual pack x 10
Net Weight : 200gm

🌾发芽糙米,也称为GABA米,除了容易消化,并含有多种生物活性营养素。 发芽糙米的柔软质地使我们的婴儿米糊营养餐变得顺滑。

❤️甜菜根是膳食纤维的良好来源,有助于消化。 也称为甜菜根红,甜菜根中最常见的色素是甜菜碱,其色泽强烈。 据信具有多种健康益处。

🌿 苋菜是铁来源于之一,含必需的维生素和矿物质。它们易于消化,有助于预防便秘。



❤️ 非基因改造 Non-GMO
❤️ 无反式脂肪







🥣只需1分钟,就可以把Q Baby Market有机发芽糙米制成宝宝丰富营养米糊

🍞🥞🧇🧈只要添加Q Baby Market有机发芽糙米粉20gm 加到任何面糊/薄煎饼或面包的混合物中,可以让宝宝们变成营养丰富不非凡的小点心😋

🍲只要添加20gm Q Baby Market有机发芽糙米粉加入燕麦粥中,可让宝宝和儿童摄取各种丰富营养。

20gm 独立包装x 10

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