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Simba allongé Hush Ultra Soft Pacifier

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Close to the soft feel of the breast. Quickly calms the baby, reduces crying. Helps put your baby to sleep, brings them a sense of security.


•A reflection of breastfeeding - Brings the soft breast-like feel, mimicking the texture and shape.

•Pioneering 25˚ of softness - Ultra soft food grade platinum silicone from Shin-Etsu Chemical Japan.

•30˚ Angled teat tip - It is flat, properly sits in the baby's mouth, doesn't cause crooked teeth.

•Thin teat neck - Minimizes the pressure on the developing teeth and jaws, helps with bite and jaw alignment.

•Airy Hi-Ventilation System - Highly flexible and resilient while sucking, anti-collapse.

•Squeeze-It-Clean Patent - Simply give the teat a few pushes after washing and water doesn't get stuck inside, prevents bacteria growth.

•Ultralight design - Maintains the balance between the teat and shield, hardly falls out of the baby's mouth.

•Triple pressure relief - The comfy-fit shield supports easy breathing through the nose, reduces skin irritation around the mouth. The smooth surface of the teat tip doesn't scratch the tongue.

•Dustproof cover included - Simply keep the cover on for easy storage and travel.

•100˚C/212°F heat resistance - Able to be sterilized using steam/UV/microwave sterilizers and boiling water.

•SGS certified - Free of BPA and heavy metals.


Teat: Silicone(-20℃~ 120℃)

Shield/Front/Ring: Tritan(-20℃~ 100℃)

Cover: Polypropylene(-20℃~ 100℃)

Colors:Ciel(Blue) / Blush(Pink) / Nook(Beige) / Succa(Green)

Quantity:1 pc

Made in Taiwan


Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before and after each use to ensure oral hygiene.


•Replace the product immediately if distorted or damaged.

•NEVER leave your baby unattended with the product.
















奶嘴:硅胶 (-20℃~ 120℃)

挡片 / 奶嘴塞 / 拉环:改质PCT (-20℃~ 100℃)

防尘盖:聚丙烯 (-20℃~ 100℃)






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