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● The Platinum Silicone Teat - Specially designed for newborns with its golden 25° of softness, bringing the feel of the breast.

● Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System - Anti-choking, anti-dripping, anti-colic and easy burping.

● Authoritative Hospitals’ Pick - Highly recommended by chief nurses, best for combination feeding.

● Purely 100% Made in Taiwan - The entire production process is carried out in ISO 9001 certified factories in Taiwan.

● Pioneering! 1 Transforming Itself into 8 - Simply change the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning at every stage of nursing the baby.

● Everything You Need for the Baby - We have the most complete range of bottle capacities, teat sizes and accessories to fully support each stage of the baby's growth.

● Exclusively Batch Tested - Every batch of bottles is strictly tested to meet the highest standards of safety and quality; SGS certified, BPA & BPS-free, phthalate-free.

● Leakproof Screw Closure - A perfect seal even at 70℃/158°F, the temperature according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how to prepare a bottle feed. Simba, the world’s top feeding bottle maker. With 30 years' experience in bottle making, we know exactly what new parents would need, constantly focusing on the functionality of the products in harmony with aesthetics and going beyond expectations. Your voices are heard: allongé PPSU Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle - the birth of the world’s top feeding bottle.

📝How To Use: Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before each use. Choose and switch to the right teat hole and size based on the actual situation according to your baby's sucking ability, the thickness of baby food etc

📝Product Specification:

● Teat: Come with Wide Neck Cross Hole M Teat

● Age:3m+

● Bottle Type: Wide Neck

● Capacity:360ml / 12oz

● Colour: Ciel(Blue)/Blush(Pink)/Nook(Beige)/Succa(Green)

● Material: Cap/Collar: Polypropylene(-20℃~+100℃) Bottle::Polyphenylene Sulfone(-20℃~+197℃) Anti-Colic Teat: Silicone(-40℃~+150℃)

● Quantity:1

● Made In Taiwan                                              


● The product is reusable.

● Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before each use to ensure hygiene.

● It is normal for the bottle and accessories to darken or turn yellowish depending on different sterilization methods, the usage pattern and the frequency of use.

● To sterilize the product, pour boiling water into a large pot, let it soak for 3-5 minutes, allow to air dry.

● To sterilize using steam, UV or microwave sterilizers etc., follow instruction manuals.

● NEVER leave your baby unattended with the product.

● Inspect the product before each use, if there is any damage, replace it immediately.

● 為新生兒打造白金級奶嘴,擬造媽媽乳房觸感。

● Aspir5.0智能防脹氣減壓系統,防嗆奶、防溢奶、防脹氣。

● 權威醫院唯一指定,新生兒哺餵成功率高。

● 100%全程台灣製造,免去進口溯源的擔憂。

● 獨家首創一瓶八用!分階段科學餵養:儲乳、餵乳、學飲。

● 奶瓶容量、奶嘴尺寸、配件業界規格最齊全。

● 業界唯一每批奶瓶瓶身經國際權威SGS嚴格檢驗,不含雙酚A&S、塑化劑。 ● 螺旋鎖定防漏結構,世界衛生組織WHO建議泡奶。 繼前幾代奶瓶在媽媽圈大受好評!小獅王辛巴擁有近30年日積月累的製瓶經驗,直擊新生家庭的需求,再次打造顛峰水準的奶瓶之作。蘊蜜鉑金PPSU防脹氣奶瓶與世界媽媽共鳴,更懂你的需求。

📝使用方式 使用本產品前應確實清洗及消毒,並依寶寶吸吮能力、副食品濃稠度...等實際使用狀況,替換適合的孔徑與尺寸。                                              


● 奶嘴:搭配寬口十字M奶嘴    

● 適用年齡:3m+

● 規格:寬口口徑

● 容量:360ml / 12oz

● 顏色:晨藍/栗粉/杏茶/綠沐

● 材質:奶瓶蓋/中蓋:聚丙烯(-20℃~+100℃)      

 奶瓶:聚亞苯基碸(-20℃~+197℃)       防脹氣奶嘴:矽膠(-40℃~+150℃)

● 數量:1入



 ● 本產品供食品接觸用途,並可重複使用。


● 瓶身配件會因消毒方式、使用習慣、使用頻率等,變深或變黃,屬正常現象。

● 以沸水消毒時,請將沸水另倒入盛裝器皿,消毒3-5分鐘,即可烘乾。

● 如使用蒸氣、紫外線、微波等消毒器,請參照各廠牌消毒器說明書。

● 請勿讓嬰幼兒在沒有大人陪同下使用本產品,避免發生危險。

● 使用前請先檢查本品,如發現變形、破損等情形,請立即更換新品。  #Simba #Allonge #PPSU #FeedingBottle

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