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Simba Allonge Wide Neck Easy Straw

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● Water can be sipped once the baby's mouth touches the straw.
● REVOLUTION! Patented Vigor Anti-Splash System, anti-splash and not a leak when turned upside-down.
● Using 100% food-grade platinum silicone from Shin-Etsu Chemical Japan, soft on baby’s mouth.
● Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System, effectively reduces colic, choking and spitting up.
● 360° Straw, drink in any position from any angle. One-piece straw ball, 304 stainless steel with seamless coating, no more hidden stains.
● All parts are detachable and washable. For a thorough clean, OK to sterilize using steam, UV or microwave sterilizers/boiling water.
● For Wide Neck 200ml/7oz, 270ml/9oz, 360ml/12oz bottles.allongé PPSU Wide Neck Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle - REVOLUTION! 1 transforming itself into 8 - Simply change the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning at every stage of nursing the baby; it is everything you need for the baby.📝How To Use1. Cut the straw according to the capacity of your bottle2. Assemble the parts tightly3. Fit the spout onto the collar, pull tightly to secure it onto the collar4. Press the straw against the spout to fix it in place5. Screw the collar on tightly📝Product Specification
● Age:6m+
● Wide Neck:200ml/270ml/360ml
● Material:Spout / Straw: Silicone(-20℃~+120℃)Joint: Polypropylene  (-20℃~+100℃)Straw Ball: Polypropylene / Stainless Steel(-20℃~+100℃)
● Quantity:1
Made In Taiwan                                          
 📝 Caution
● The product is reusable.
● Replace the product immediately if distorted or cracked.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
● 專為學飲階段打造,輕含住吸管即可飲水,無需用力咬合。
● 新革命!獨家專利Vigor防噴系統,溫水不噴、倒置不漏。
● 選用日本信越100%食品級白金矽膠,觸感柔軟不傷寶寶唇舌。
● Aspir5.0智能防脹氣減壓系統,平衡吸吮時水杯內外壓力,有效減少脹氣、嗆口現象。
● 360˚導管珠,坐、躺、趴、臥都能喝,倒管珠無縫包覆工藝不藏汙納垢。
● 配件全拆洗清潔最徹底,可蒸氣、水煮、紫外線消毒。
● 適用PPSU寬口200/270/360ml奶瓶。蘊蜜鉑金PPSU防脹氣奶瓶獨家首創一瓶八用創新紀錄!換蓋即一瓶多用,市售配件最齊全,可依階段餵養,儲乳、餵乳、學飲。
1. 依水ml數裁剪吸管長度
2. 組裝吸管配件
3. 將奶嘴穿過中蓋並拉緊密合
4. 吸嘴與吸管組互相套疊到底
5. 旋緊瓶蓋即完成
● 適用年齡:6m+
● 適用瓶型:寬口奶瓶 200ml/270ml/360ml
● 材質:吸嘴、吸管:矽膠(-20℃~+120℃)            
 吸管接頭:聚丙烯  (-20℃~+100℃)              
● 數量:1入
● 產地:台灣製造                                            


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