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●Non-slip bumpy handles; learn to drink independently with the easy-grip handles.

●Ergonomically designed for small hands, easy to grip.

●Drop resistance, ultra-durable.

●All parts are detachable and washable. For a thorough clean, OK to sterilize using steam, UV or microwave sterilizers/boiling water.

●For Wide Neck 200ml/7oz, 270ml/9oz, 360ml/12oz bottles. allongé PPSU Wide Neck Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle - REVOLUTION! 1 transforming itself into 8 - Simply change the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning at every stage of nursing the baby; it is everything you need for the baby. 📝How To Use 1. Put the handles onto the feeding bottle 2. Screw the collar on tightly 📝Product Specification

● Age:6m+

● Wide Neck:200ml/270ml/360ml

● Material: Polypropylene  (-20℃~+100℃)

● Quantity:1 ● Made In Taiwan 📝Caution:

●The product is reusable.

●Replace the product immediately if distorted or cracked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ● 把手防滑凸點,穩定抓握不易滑落,學習獨立進食。

● 小手好握拿,符合人體工學,拿取更輕鬆。 ● 瓶身堅韌耐摔,學飲階段不慎掉落也不易損壞。

● 配件全拆洗清潔最徹底,可蒸氣、水煮、紫外線消毒。

● 適用PPSU寬口200/270/360ml奶瓶。 蘊蜜鉑金PPSU防脹氣奶瓶獨家首創一瓶八用創新紀錄!換蓋即一瓶多用,市售配件最齊全,可依階段餵養,儲乳、餵乳、學飲。 📝使用方式 1. 將把手套過瓶身 2. 旋緊瓶蓋即完成 📝產品規格

● 適用年齡:6m+

● 適用瓶型:寬口奶瓶200ml/270ml/360ml

● 容量:270ml / 9oz

● 顏色:晨藍/栗粉/杏茶/綠沐/蒔黑/苜白

● 材質:把手-聚丙烯 (-20℃~+100℃) ● 數量:1入 ● 產地:台灣製造 📝注意事項 本產品供食品接觸用途,可重複使用,如有變形或缺損等情形,請立即更換新品。

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